Baobë Bathtub Mat Non-Slip Shower Bath Mat for Baby Kids

Baobë Bathtub Mat Non-Slip Shower Bath Mat for Baby Kids

Baobë Bathtub Mat Non-Slip Shower Bath Mat for Baby KidsCustomer Reviews:

1. I was a little uneasy ordering this non-slip bath mat, due to some of the reviews. I did anyway. GLAD I DID!! This has been the best mat we’ve ever owned. It sticks to the tub wonderfully. It doesn’t move when wet. Stays clean for a long time.

When the time to clean, you can peel it up and clean it. Replacing is just as easy, we’re the tub a bit, then lay down the mat. Step on it to adhere to the suction cups. I did it with my tennis shoes on. Then wiped the top off and good to go. I also bought the tub Shroom.

It works great as well. Just clean with a paper towel about every 5 or so showers, depending on how much you use the shower! A Great Buy!!

2. This non-slip bath mat is excellent! The only issue I have had is the very front wanted to curl up on itself at first. The longer I have it in my bathtub, the problem has resolved itself. It stays stuck to the bottom of the tub very well when it is filled with water.

Prior bathmats always ended up floating, but this one that has not been an issue. I have been pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it is. Generally, bath mats end up hurting me after soaking for a while and this one I soaked for over an hour without discomfort if any kind.

3. This non-slip bath mat fits our tub perfectly. The suction is strong, yet pulls off when I want to clean it. I kept slipping when getting in and out of the tub and this has been great. I also worry about my son slipping now that he is walking and this helps. More at

4. This is my second purchase of this brand, the first worked so well, I bought one for my bestie’s tub too. It definitely keeps the kiddos from sliding around in the tub. It doesn’t block the drain and stays cleaner than most mats. Spray with a little cleaner and rinse once about every 7-10 days and your tub will stay clean!

Bad Reviews:

1. I was looking for a natural rubber mat, and this stated it was. I was obviously skeptical by the color and it stating it was made from “sturdy material” in the description but wanted to give it a shot because it was the full length of the tub. Super plasticky smell and feel. Not sure if I’m going to deal with it or return it.

2. Do not buy this item. It works fine for a few days then it starts to slide all over the tub when you step on it. My wife is handicap and we bought it thinking it would help her get in and out the tub without sliding but it does not hold suction as promised and is misleading when it says it stays in place, safe, etc…. Don’t risk sliding and falling do not buy this.

3. We bought this mat for bathing our toddler in the tub. The non-slip bath mat is comfortable and easy to clean, but the suction cups on it are completely worthless. Not a single one of them works and the mat basically floats in the tub until our son sits on it.

We have pushed and pressed on the mat at all angles and we still cannot get a single one of the suction cups to actually stay suctioned. Amazing to sell a mat with like a hundred suction cups with zero functional ones, but that’s where we are.

4. Our bathtub isn’t completely smooth so it doesn’t stick down really well….but I wasn’t expecting a lot for the price of it! Water doesn’t drain out from under it well (which causes mold) so you have to pick it up and let it dry if you don’t use your bathtub/shower every day. It serves its purpose though and doesn’t allow my little one to slide all over the place!