Choosing digital pianos for kids

digital pianos for children

Choosing between so many options of pianos for children, might confuse you. This is why we will help you make an informed decision. Below are 5 benefits of playing a musical instrument, especially from a young age. If you would like to see our choices for the best digital pianos for kids, scroll down and skip the list of benefits.

Playing a musical instrument develops your brain. Many researches related to music and its effects on the brain have been conducted. Scientists agree that children, at young ages, who are exposed to music or play a musical instrument ultimately do better in school, develop their IQ and certain parts of their brains.

Playing a musical instrument teaches discipline. Just like any other new ability that you want to learn it takes a lot of discipline in order to master. Exactly like top athletes, top pianists are some of the most disciplined professionals.

To reach a level of proficiency playing any instrument requires a lot of daily practice on your side. Pianos for children are the perfect instruments, with all their features they will surely make daily practice much more engaging.

digital pianos for children

It relieves stress. Music has a magical effect on people. No matter how tensed you are at the end of a demanding day, music will help you relax, especially if you play it.

It cultivates a sense of achievement. When starting out learning to play a musical instrument it might be pretty frustrating at times. But after you master a song, it fills you with an indescribable sense of pride that will elevate your spirit and will give you the motivation to continue.

It’s fun. Playing the piano is a very fun activity that sparks your creativity. Once your children will get to a certain level where they can play multiple songs and musical pieces, they can play for friends and family and have a great time. Going down this path they may turn this new found fun activity into a very rewarding career. More at

1.Yamaha NP-31

kids keyboard piano

With the Piaggero-series, Yamaha has created a compact and lightweight portable keyboard that features a responsive 76-key graded semi-weighted keyboard. It shares the same AWM engine with the company’s P-45 digital piano (you can read our review of the Yamaha P-45 here), a 32-note maximum polyphony and 10 different voices.

As we now move into a different approach to instruments with the NP-31, you won’t find any kind of Lesson mode or digital recorder. The NP-31 is designed with portability in mind, but offers a great piano tone and good key action to learn the basics while waiting for upgrade to a proper digital piano. A built-in metronome with adjustable tempo is also available to help kids while practicing.

Despite a heavier keyboard than the other products of the group, the Yamaha Piaggero NP-31 is extremely lightweight overall (just 12 pounds) and can operate even without the power supply, using only 6 AA batteries. While being the most expensive keyboard of the group (shipping for $279), the higher quality of its sound engine may really be worth the price.


2.Yamaha Piaggero NP-32 76-Key Lightweight Digital Piano

best keyboard for kids

With the Yamaha Piaggero NP-32, you get a very lightweight digital piano which encompasses all the experience that Yamaha have built up. The keyboard provides a great learning experience for kids, and the design is simple enough not to distract from learning the piano.

Yamaha has included their graded soft touch keyboard which has light keys but feels similar to playing an acoustic piano. This is good to get kids started because the keys are easier to press than an acoustic piano but are still touch sensitive. The keyboard features 76 keys; however, if you are looking for a digital piano for kids with fewer keys, then the Yamaha NP-12 is exactly the same, only with 61 keys.

With this model, Yamaha has upgraded the polyphony to give a much better sound. The Advanced Wave Memory sampling technology is usually found on higher priced models and is almost identical to a concert grand piano

3.Williams Legato

best piano for kids

If you think that 88 keys are an indispensable requirement for your children’s first digital piano (and some people most certainly do), then you might be interested in the Williams Legato, a 88-key semi-weighted piano with a compact and portable cabinet that is perfect for both practicing and performing live.

Just like the NP-31, the Williams Legato does not offer lots of features because of a street price of $199, which is a true benefit if you’re looking to acquire your first 88-key piano without breaking the bank.

The Legato offers a fair sound engine with a good piano sample and four other sounds, such as electric piano, organ, synth and bass. There’s also a built-in metronome for practicing and a music rest where you can easily read your sheet music.

Unfortunately, the Williams Legato does not ship with an included AC adapter, and while you can still use the piano with batteries, you’ll need to buy the optional ESS1 Essential Pack to enjoy the power supply, sustain pedal and headphones. Even so, the total price is really affordable for an 88-key piano.

If you are looking for a digital piano for kids who are really interested in learning the piano, then the Yamaha NP-32 digital piano is a great choice. You get concert-quality piano sounds in a lightweight digital piano. More at