What You Need To Know About Vented Tumble Dryers


The difference between vented and condenser tumble dryers has to do with the way that the moisture-saturated air will be extracted out of the dryer during cycles. As moisture is removed from the load, it then needs to be extracted out of the machine.

Vented tumble dryers remove moisture out of a vent. The vent is either fitted in the hose or to the external wall. If you decide to buy one of the vented tumble dryer models, you need to make sure that the dryer is positioned near a window or external wall.

This will allow you to fix the vent through a wall so that moisture is expelled outside.


If you are using a hose to extract moisture, make sure you position the tumble dryer close enough to a window so that the hose can hang out the window. Vented dryers are generally cheaper when compared to condenser dryers since they are much more economical to run.

In fact, the vented dryers typically use one 5th less energy when compared to what the condenser dryers use to completely dry a load.

The heat pump dryers are regarded as the best option since they are low maintenance and reliable, and you won’t have to empty the water out of the machine since it does this for you. But if you do not have enough space for a heat pump or vented dryer, the condenser dryer is usually the best option.

The vented dryers are generally cheaper than condenser models, but they must be installed in the right location to accommodate venting. They are also low maintenance and more eco-friendly, so if you are more interested in an appliance that does not require much maintenance, then this is the model for you.

But you do need space for a vented dryer, so if you live in a small flat or home, then a condenser dryer might be better.

Below is a list of two popular vented tumble dryers:


– Hotpoint Aquarius TVFS73BGP Vented Tumble Dryer

This is the ideal tumble dryer for smaller spaces.

– Indesit IDV75 Vented Tumble Dryer

With an impressive 7kg capacity, this Indesit vented tumble dryer is perfect for medium-sized homes. This machine offers 9 different programs, which include a Cotton Cycle, that uses a gentle spin speed and temperature to care for delicate items.

Reasons To Purchase A Vented Tumble Dryer


Even though condenser tumble dryers can be positioned anywhere, and the vented and condenser dryers work in the same way, why would you want to choose a vented tumble dryer? The main benefit of purchasing a vented dryer has to do with the cost.

One of the other benefits of the vented dryers is that they expel moisture and water outside which means you won’t have to worry about emptying the water reservoir.

Both condenser dryers and vented dryers have undergone many improvements over the last few years, especially when it comes to performance, features offered, and energy efficiency. If you want an efficient dryer, then the vented models are a better option. More at https://www.brandreviewly.com/best-vented-tumble-dryer/.